GeoFlow-II experiment campaign complete

ESA today announced the successful completion of the GeoFlow-II experiment campaign aboard the ISS, for those of you interested in experimental work on the interior dynamics of planets.

GeoFlow is a dimensional-similarity fluid-dynamic experiment in the Fluid Science Laboratory aboard the International Space Station. It uses a spherical fluid chamber with heat, pressure, and central attraction force to study the convection patterns in the interiors of planets, investigating the flows with schlieren interferometry. The first flight campaign launched with the lab in 2008, and modeled convection in the Earth’s liquid outer core. The second re-used the hardware, launching in 2011 after modification and refurbishment on the ground, to study the viscous mantle convection.

During my time at ESTEC, I had a small role in the verification and validation of the GeoFlow experiment hardware, and in the early planning for this second flight.

ESA has a more detailed article here.

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