Western Worlds radio program on Astronomy.fm

Western Worlds, a new radio program about planetary science and exploration on Astronomy.fm, had its premiere tonight. Produced jointly by the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX) and Astronomy.fm, it will air Monday nights at 10 PM EST.

Each week will feature an interview with a researcher in planetary science and exploration — perhaps a geologist, an astrobiologist, or a robotics engineer — followed by a round-table discussion of the topics covered. I’ll be a periodic co-host, as in this first episode, where I interview Dr. Gordon Osinski, acting director of CPSX and specialist in impact cratering, about the processes of crater formation, the results of of impact event, and the methods and value of studying impact structures on Earth and other planets.

In coming weeks we’ll talk about discovering new asteroids, bringing planetary science to the public, techniques for determining the origin of meteorites, and more.

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